Looking back to the early 1950s, NHRA founder Wally Parks began working with law-enforcement agencies around the country to entice illegal street racers onto dry lakes and abandoned runways where more organized competition could be staged. Today, that basic initiative remains a primary mission of both the NHRA (sanctioning body) and Firebird Raceway. Given the scope of today's street racing epidemic, both the NHRA and Firebird are even more committed to providing safer racing alternatives through open test `n tune days and grudge racing opportunities that take place throughout the racing schedule.

Firebird has taken a very proactive stance in establishing Street Legal racers a chance to practice and grudge race. Not unlike the NHRA who in 1994 began a high-profile and closely scrutinized program of events for street-legal cars and motorcycles in Southern California, Firebird has likewise developed the Open Test Days presented by Larry Miller Subaru. Documented by the NHRA, today thousands of potential illegal street racers throughout the country have turned to Street Legal programs at NHRA member tracks like Firebird where over 150 racers can be found making runs at events like these.

These events feature test runs and grudge racing only, which gives each racer the opportunity to make the maximum number of passes. Grudge racing permits participants to choose their competition rather than participate in an organized eliminator. Win or lose, participants may return to the staging lanes for more time trials or grudge runs.

Events that offer Street Legal Grudge racing will take place on April 22, May 12, July 7, September 1, October 7 and 27.

Best of all, it's only $25 to test or make unlimited grudge runs and $11 bucks to watch, so come give it a try this season.


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