Amazing, remarkable, incredible, positively the BEST - are all phrases that help to describe the emotion of the entire Firebird team following a seventh Track Team Championship on Sunday of the Summit E.T. Finals. Our last victory came in 2009 (title number 6 in Woodburn). For the past two years, Firebird racers have been in pursuit of a seventh Division 6 title. True to the track slogan dating back to the winter of `09, our mission has been: “Revin’ for Seven”, and a unified effort helped earn the championship crown in 2011. The Firebird racers had to hold off quite a number tracks, including P.I.R. for the first three or four rounds, then cross-division rival Woodburn in the last stages of the race to virtually bring the championship and the national Wally trophy back to its western Idaho home.

We want to tip our hat to both Jeff Higgins and Christopher Wingert for making it to the final three (semi’s) in both Super Pro and Pro. If you haven’t seen the round-by-round results just yet, swing over to: to see all the detailed stats and numbers. We also want to recognize Christopher Northup for winning the Division 6 High School title on behalf of Borah High School on Saturday. Northup became only the second Team Firebird High School racer to win a divisional title (Courtney Alley was the first for Eagle High two years ago).

Racers attended this year’s rotating Bracket Team Finals from seventeen NHRA member tracks.

On behalf of everyone who participated or attended the Finals, thanks from the entire New Crew and our Staff. We’re all very grateful for your support.

Last but not least, Congratulations to everyone on the Firebird Team. After forty-four years of operating Firebird—Sunday, September 4, 2011, was one of the all-time highlights in track history. It was especially rewarding since it was just two weeks after track general manager Bill New turned 77 and it was Firebird’s 7th team title. Put simply, it was a job well done.


Super Pro eliminator
Cody Hiatt
Wade Hansen
Chris Jaggers
John Shaffer
Ed Cutler
Kevin Higgins
Dairld Wurtz
Steve Reynolds
Jeff Higgins
Steve Lambert
Camille Shaffer
Necia Cox
Larry Saunders
James Tattersall

Pro eliminator
Phil Sielaff
Randy Williamson
Joe Witherspoon
Paul Nicolosi
Liana Compton
Lisa Thomas
Larry Hale
Tom Davis
Kristi Shawver
Steve Holland
Tim Shaw
Kent Wilson
Rose Shaw
Carl Youngstrom
Chris Wingert
Stan Deming
Sharlene Lancaster
Jeffrey Langan
Melanie Higgins
Tim Shawver
Ricky Johnson

Sportsman eliminator
Lucas Hull
Shayne Schaefer
David Meimann
Kevin Mays
Rayce Kidd
Sue Reynolds
Christopher Northup
Stephanie Meimann
Mike Ritz
Ashton Davis*
*alternate for Schaefer, Sun.

Sled/Bike eliminator
Craig Jensen
Jacob Wood
J.R. Cox
Don Trafford
Richard Pedraza
Zak Pedraza

Junior Lightning
Joseph Johnson
Connor Coulter
Casey Compton

Junior Thunder
Paige Harris
Tristan Coulter
Justin Hof

High School
Christian Anderson
Christopher Northup

Team Captains
Nanette Cox
Tami Shaffer


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