Cody Hiatt has come to love the Stinker Stores Season Opener at Firebird. With temperatures climbing into the mid-60’s under breezy but sun-filled skies, a strong field of racers participated at the opening day in the Boise Muffler Gold Cup Series. In amazing fashion, Hiatt has now won three Super Pro titles at the Opener in a row with his potent rear-engined dragster. In dragster vs. door car final on Saturday, April 14th, he recorded dead-perfect 7.33 (7.33 dial) with a .041 light, at 174.08 miles per hour to defeat Gordon Boven, Boise, who hit a game .038 tree, finishing at 9.65 (9.60 dial)-135.99 with his `72 Cuda.

In another rare feat, Jeffrey Langan not only won the Pro division, but also doubled up, collecting the Nostalgia title for the day, too. Langan won Pro by stopping Ricky Johnson from Ontario, Ore. Both Stephanie Meimann and Jacob Wood won Gold Cup titles in Sportsman and Sled/Bike respectively.

Kidd Performance & Dyno Super Pro
Champion-Cody Hiatt, .041, 7.33 (7.33 dial) 174.08.
Runner-up-Gordon Boven, .038, 9.65 (9.60 dial) 135.99.
Semi-Chris Jaggers; John Shaffer.
Quarter-Camille Shaffer; Necia Cox; Wade Hansen.

Performance Solutions Pro
Champion-Jeffrey Langan, .104, 11.57 (11.58 dial 108.25.
Runner-up-Ricky Johnson, .102, 11.39 (11.42 dial) 109.05.
Semi-Bruce Compton; Paul Nicolosi.
Quarter-Melanie Higgins; Ken Windley; Troy Pecht.

United Oil Sportsman
Champion-Stephanie Meimann, .041, 14.74 (14.62 dial) 86.48.
Runner-up-Derryl Winters, .073, 14.36 (14.14 dial) 96.17.
Semi-Ashton Davis.
Quarter-Mike Ritz; David Meimann; Sue Reynolds.

Woody’s Outdoor Power Sled/Bike
Champion-Jacob Wood, .089, 9.19 (9.29 dial) 138.73.
Runner-up-Rich Pedraza Jr., -.014 foul, 10.07 (10.00 dial) 123.91.Semi-Craig Jensen.
Quarter-Kellan Birch; Glen Ives; Rich Pedraza.

Capitol City Transmission Nostalgia
Champion-Jeffrey Langan, .013, 11.57 (11.57 dial) 107.86.
Runner-up-Bill Muchow, .195, 10.57 (10.54 dial) 123.69.
Semi-Linda Rowland.
Quarter-Judy Mayer; Cleve Randall.

Meadow Gold Junior Dragster
Champion-Jacob Geier, .059, 9.12 (8.94 dial) 76.62.
Runner-up-Alex Steen, .105, 8.12 (7.98 dial) 70.06.
Semi-Chandler Steen; Michael Jaggers.
Quarter-August Mathew Basile; Casey Compton; Paul Sheridan.

Moffitt  & Bratton Outlaw Street
Champion-Marcia Randall, .246, 11.75 (11.72 dial) 114.50.
Runner-up-Tessa Lancaster, redlighted.
Semi-Dan Hurlbert.
Quarter-Duston Wurtz; Mike Ritz.

Carl’s Cycle Sales Street Bike
Champion-Scott Grondahl, .066, 10.26 (10.30 dial) 134.60.
Runner-up-Dave Allen, .016, 9.76 (9.83 dial) 139.18.
Semi-Matthew Giusti; Jeremy Wanders.
Quarter-Brian Batten; Glenn Ives; Mark Sprague; Gerard Stanberry.

Wayne’s Transmissions Street Truck
Champion-Ashton Davis, .045, 17.95 (17.87 dial) 73.60.
Runner-up-Terry Downard, .122, 13.56 (13.60 dial) 89.41.
Semi-Gary Kruger; Tessa Lancaster.
Quarter-Alan Clarke; Phil Ciancia; Gina Luckow.

Rich’s Auto Care & Dyno Super Shifter
Champion-Glen Phillips, .042, 12.81 (12.70 dial) 96.08.
Runner-up-Javier Castro, .068, 14.70 (14.60 dial) 95.02.
Semi-Rich Pedraza Jr.
Quarter-Rich Pedraza Sr.; Lucas Hull; Tom Hampton.