Gordon Boven may have been disappointed after a runner-up finish on the first day of the Stinker Stores Season Opener to Cody Hiatt, but day two proved to be different. For one thing, he was not only motivated, but also very focused. In convincing fashion, Boven won the Super Pro class, drilling a .011 tree and delivering a perfect 9.560 on a 9.56 dial at 134.77 mph with his `72 Cuda. The former Nightfire champ defeated the rear-engined Dragster of Wade Hansen who recorded a runner-up finish following an identical .011 tree and a 7.99 (under by .002)-160.31, in a race decided by a mere .002 of a second.

Reigning Classic Grand Champion and past national No Box champ Chris Hall from Brigham City, Utah delivered six strong round wins to garner the overall Pro division. Driving his `70 Camaro, Hall stopped Ken Windley who redlighted (with a -.034 foul start) in the final round.

The Season Opener double header weekend helped jumpstart the 41st season of the Boise Muffler Gold Cup Championship Series, which starts in April and ends during the NAPA Auto Parts Halloween Classic XIX in mid-October.

Kidd Performance & Dyno Super Pro
Champion-Gordon Boven, .011, 9.56 (9.56 dial) 134.77.
Runner-up-Wade Hansen, .011, 7.99 (8.00 dial) 160.31.
Semi-Ivan Jaques; Marissa Kidd.
Quarter-Steve Reynolds; Troy Pecht; Rayce Kidd.

Performance Solutions Pro
Champion-Chris Hall, .016, 13.83 (10.25 dial) 76.55.
Runner-up-Ken Windley, -.034 foul.
Semi-Troy Pecht; Stan Deming.
Quarter-Carl Youngstrom; John Howsden; Mark Kidd.

United Oil Sportsman
Champion-Sue Reynolds, .123, 13.37 (13.39 dial) 100.14.
Runner-up-Troy McDonald, -.005 foul, 14.43 (14.43 dial) 95.45.
Semi-Glen Phillips; Margaret Smith.
Quarter-Tom Hopper; Stephanie Meimann; Derryl Winters.

Woody’s Outdoor Power Sled/Bike
Champion-Matt Giusti, .019, 9.50 (9.49 dial) 134.36.
Runner-up-Rich Pedraza, .095, 9.56 (9.60 dial) 136.71.
Semi-Michael Watts.
Quarter-Gerard Stanberry; J.R. Cox; Glen Ives.

Capitol City Transmission Nostalgia
Champion-Greg Buckert, .004, 10.55 (10.56 dial) 123.79.
Runner-up-Jeffrey Langan, .031, 11.47 (11.49 dial) 114.79.
Semi-John Howsden.
Quarter-Randy Mayer; Steve Rogers.

Meadow Gold Junior Dragster
Champion-Wes Morris, .089, 8.00 (7.98 dial) 78.53.
Runner-up-Paige Harris, .067, 9.42 (9.37 dial) 69.17.
Semi-Chandler Steen; Alex Steen.
Quarter-Kaylessa Alwine; Casey Compton; Paul Sheridan.

Moffitt & Bratton Outlaw Street
Champion-Carl Youngstrom, .015, 12.36 (12.31 dial) 96.87.
Runner-up-Marcia Randall, .187, 11.67 (11.62 dial) 115.10.
Semi-Duston Wurtz.
Quarter-David Meimann; Derryl Winters.

Carl’s Cycle Sales Street Bike
Champion-Gerard Stanberry, .029, 9.49 (9.35 dial) 127.87.
Runner-up-Scott Grondahl, .068, 10.35 (10.17 dial) 131.84.
Semi-Chris Batten.
Quarter-David Kletzien; Matthew Giusti.

Wayne’s Transmissions Street Truck
Champion-Richard Rush, .035, 14.68 (14.74 dial) 89.09.
Runner-up-Ryan Resinkin, .117, 12.01 (12.07 dial) 109.38.
Semi-Terry Downard; Gary Kruger.
Quarter-Glenn Watts; Alan Clarke; Gina Luckow.

Rich’s Auto Care & Dyno Super Shifter
Champion-Glen Phillips, .022, 12.80 (12.70 dial) 106.14.
Runner-up-Rich Pedraza, -.090 foul, 16.21 (15.94 dial) 88.52.
Semi-Zak Pedraza.
Quarter-Scott Downard; Kyle LePire.