One day following a new Treasure Valley rainfall record (nearly an inch and a half of rain fell on April 26th), the gates swung open for the opening event in the six-race Fairly Reliable Bob’s Club Challenge Series. Afternoon snow, hail and mild showers didn’t detour any competitors for the opening day of night racing this season. Fortunately enough, the day generally cleared off, aside from intermittent clouds and a little breeze as temperatures climbed into the mid-50’s.

Congratulations to each of the champions: Melissa Jarboe, Nick Marsala, Dave Tweedy, Tom Ash and Robert Lundbohm.

Club Bracket #1
Champion-Melissa Jarboe, Naughty Girls .085, 10.43 (10.34 dial) 125.22.
Runner-up-Don McMain, PSI Racing .092, 13.37 (13.43 dial) 97.38.
Semi-Jennifer Barr, Rock-It Racing; Lynn Johnston, Melba Outlaws.
Quarter-Brent Borchers, PSI Racing; Larry Lancaster, Melba Outlaws; Stan Deming, Rock-It Racing.

Club Bracket #2
Champion-Nick Marsala, Hot T & C .031, 12.54 (12.35 dial) 94.48.
Runner-up-Jimmy Johnson, PSI Racing .034, 12.60 (12.28 dial)108.95.
Semi-Bryan Brown, Venom Racing.
Quarter-Rod Mills, Melba Outlaws; Ed May, Mopars Unlimited.

Club Bracket #3
Champion-Dave Tweedy, Mopars Unlimited .131, 13.29 (13.39 dial) 101.14.
Runner-up-Mike Dome, Modern Rodders .062, 14.37 (14.40 dial) 93.49.
Semi-Chris Jaggers, PSI Racing.
Quarter-Troy McDonald, The A-Team; Bobby Scroggins, Mopars Unlimited; Paul Wallace, Valley Vettes.

Club Bracket #4
Champion-Tom Ash, Mopars Unlimited .118, 12.79 (12.68 dial) 101.79.
Runner-up-Rich Moore, PSI Racing .234, 13.79 (13.75 dial) 99.93.
Semi-Perry Biancavilla, Venom Racing.
Quarter-Sara Rodeghiero, Naughty Girls; Randy Howell, Down `n Dirty.

Club Bracket #5
Champion-Robert Lundbohm, Sons of Speed .221, 17.26 (17.27 dial) 80.22.
Runner-up-Brittni Unser, Kuna Knuckle Draggers .236, 15.84 (15.91 dial) 85.96.
Semi-Ted Merritt, Mopars Unlimited; Dustin Smith, Middleton Mauraders.
Quarter-Richard Rush, Kuna Knuckle Draggers; Kyle Barker, Down `n Dirty; Randy Jewell, Melba Outlaws; Lyndsey Deatry, Naughty Girls.