Four racers from Middleton High School helped pushed their team into the early point’s lead at the United Dairymen Spring Championships presented by the College of Western Idaho at Firebird. In an all Middleton High final round, James Hammond collected top honors in High School Bracket #4 by stopping teammate Michelle Platt. In the “AA” standings, Initial Point High claimed the early season lead in the smaller school point’s standings thanks in large part to Bracket #3 winner Michael Riley.

Two racers were able to repeat their success from the 2011 Spring Championships. Both Christopher Northup also won Bracket #1 for Borah High and Jeremy Wanders, the winner of Street Bike, won titles for the second straight year.

Weather for the first stop in the six-race series was positively gorgeous as temperatures climbed in the upper 60’s under sun-filled skies on the Alcohol Free and Drug Awareness Day presented by Idaho’s News Channel 7.

High School #1
Champion-Christopher Northup, Borah High .020, 11.11 (11.09 dial) 115.28.
Runner-up-Duston Wurtz, Meridian High .036, 11.98 (11.96 dial) 113.17.
Semi-Blake Berry, Middleton High; Brock Holmes, Mtn. View High.?
Quarter-Sabra Rasmussen, Renaissance High; Blaine Sterling, Middleton High; Garrett Thweat, Middleton High.

High School #2
Champion-Sydney Frost, Mtn. View High .359, 15.96 (15.55 dial) 86.55.
Runner-up-Tyler Van Blaricom, Middleton High .205, 15.59 (15.62 dial) 86.19.
Semi-Dustin Smith, Middleton High.
Quarter-Amanda Luckow, Emmett High; Jeff Fetty, Middleton High; Dan Hintze, Borah High.

High School #3
Champion-Michael Riley, Initial Point High .093, 16.90 (16.82 dial) 81.24.
Runner-up-Katy Sterling, Middleton High .093, 16.67 (16.70 dial) 80.94.
Semi-Adam Wurtz, Vallivue High.
Quarter-Dallas Molck, Initial Point; Sammi Cole, Renaissance High.

High School #4
Champion-James Hammond, Middleton High .036, 18.40 (18.35 dial) 71.92.
Runner-up-Michelle Platt, Middleton High .079, 18.22 (18.25 dial) 72.46.
Semi-Keagan Adams, Middleton High.
Quarter-Carson Neves, Eagle High; Dakota Lancaster, Nyssa High; Ryan Coleman, Middleton High.

Alumni #1
Champion-Kristi Shawver, Meridian .138, 13.02 (13.01 dial) 99.62.
Runner-up-Lucas Hull, Middleton .087, 12.55 (12.45 dial) 107.73.
Semi-Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell; Jeffrey Langan, Boise.
Quarter-Tom Bittick, Caldwell; Brent Borchers, Meridian; Linda Rowland, Notus.

Alumni #2
Champion-Mike Huetson, Middleton .125, 15.31 (15.27 dial) 89.00.
Runner-up-Ashton Davis, Middleton .036, 17.84 (17.70 dial) 70.37.
Semi-David Meimann, Middleton; Tanya Borchers, Meridian.
Quarter-Zak Braunstein, Eagle; Jared Loch, Boise; Patsy Lindbloom, Eagle.

Junior Dragster
Champion-Chandler Steen, Idaho Falls .017, 8.97 (8.93 dial) 71.78.
Runner-up-Justin Hof, Nampa -.113 foul, 9.36 (9.18 dial) 67.80.
Semi-Paul Sheridan, Nampa; Alex Steen, Idaho Falls.
Quarter-Casey Compton, Boise; Rion Coates, Eagle; Paige Harris, Meridian.

Street Bike
Champion-Jeremy Wanders, Meridian .179, 9.01 (8.97 dial) 139.16.
Runner-up-Chris Batten, Boise .006, 9.20 (8.98 dial) 156.08.
Semi-Scott Grondahl, Nampa; Matt Giusti, Meridian.
Quarter-Tish Powell, Boise; Shawn Swainston, Nampa; Gerard Stanberry, Boise; Mike Smith, Kuna.

Outlaw Street
Champion-Andrew Bell, Meridian .052, 11.55 (11.49 dial) 115.39.
Runner-up-Travis Bowins, Meridian .084, 12.19 (12.05 dial) 112.33.
Semi-Catherine Seamons, Kuna; Dave Tweedy, Eagle.
Quarter-Sean Laird, Meridian; Tom Ash, Parma; Paul Wallace, Boise.

Street Truck
Champion-Tessa Lancaster, Ontario, Oregon .088, 13.10 (13.07 dial) 100.97.
Runner-up-Hayden Quilter, Boise -.170 foul, 17.79 (17.70 dial) 77.14.
Semi-Richard Rush, Boise.
Quarter-J.R. Cox, Weiser; Alan Clarke, Emmett.

Sport Compact
Champion-Perry Hammons, Caldwell .028, 17.36 (17.30 dial) 80.58.
Runner-up-Javier Castro, Nampa .127, 14.94 (14.99 dial) 93.99.
Semi-Ryan Adamson, Eagle; Drake Hagwood, Eagle.
Quarter-Pam Zollinger, Nampa; Travis Saxton, Star; Madi Kelly, Eagle; Marc McCullough, Nampa.

Super Shifter
Champion-Glen Phillips, Middleton .144, 12.68 (12.67 dial) 103.49.
Runner-up-Rich Pedraza Jr., Boise .146, 13.34 (13.32 dial) 104.62.
Semi-Todd Martell, Boise; Rich Pedraza Sr., Boise.
Quarter-Jaymes Buchanan, Boise; Eric Bell, Middleton; Lucas Hull, Middleton.