Fairly Reliable Bobs Club Challenge Series #5

After better than a month of hot weather it was a nice change to see temperatures drop below 90 degrees for the first-time in nearly five weeks in the greater Treasure Valley. The fifth stop in the Fairly Reliable Bob’s Club Challenge Series saw both the Kuna Knuckle Draggers and the Valley Vettes maintain their lead in both the Bronze and Copper Cup standings. It was a whole different story in the Silver Cup rankings as PSI made quite a showing with three winners in Bracket #2 (Bill Meyers), #3 (Bruce Compton), and #4 (Rich Moore). This helped move PSI into the lead in points, just a few rounds in front of the Melba Outlaws.

Congratulations also goes out to Stan Deming who beat Rock-It Racing team-mate Paul Nicolosi in Bracket #1, while Jesse Allensworth swept top honors in Bracket #5 for the Melba Outlaw club.

The sixth and final stop in the Club Series will take place on Friday, September 7th, while the Club Grand Championship runoff is set for Wednesday, October 10th.

Club Bracket #1
Champion-Stan Deming, Rock-It Racing, .046, 10.82 (10.77 dial) 118.85.
Runner-up-Paul Nicolosi, Rock-It Racing, .113, 10.73 (10.73 dial) 125.38.
Semi-Lucas Hull, PSI Racing.
Quarter-John Howsden, Down N Dirty; Ken Frickey, Rock-It Racing; Carl Youngstrom, PSI Racing.

Club Bracket #2
Champion-Bill Meyers, PSI Racing, -.037, 15.44 (11.53 dial) 88.21.
Runner-up-Glen Phillips, PSI Racing, -.015 foul, 16.15 (12.54 dial) 91.61.
Semi-Jerry Trolard, Melba Outlaws.
Quarter-Dan Hurlbert, PSI Racing; Seth McLean, Mopars Unlimited.

Club Bracket #3
Champion-Bruce Compton, PSI Racing, .067, 13.41 (13.28 dial) 93.44.
Runner-up-Bret Ward, PSI Racing, .201, 13.23 (13.19 dial) 105.36.
Semi-Rex Petersen, Valley Vettes; Jason Squire, Venom Racing.
Quarter-Derryl Winters, Down N Dirty; Catherine Seamons, Kuna Knuckle Draggers; David Meimann, Modern Rodders.

Club Bracket #4
Champion-Rich Moore, PSI Racing, .185, 14.04 (14.02 dial) 94.43.
Runner-up-Celine Adams, 3800 Club, .205, 14.52 (14.49 dial) 95.35.
Semi-Steve Shideler, Valley Corvettes; Justin Cirelli, Flying Brick.
Quarter-Mike Huetson, Down N Dirty; Randy Howell, Down N Dirty; Lyndsey Deatry, Naughty Girls.

Club Bracket #5
Champion-Jesse Allensworth, Melba Outlaws, .157, 15.96 (15.70 dial) 78.63.
Runner-up-Marc Maiden, Melba Outlaws, .103, 15.97 (15.55 dial) 83.82.
Semi-Deana Bullington, Naughty Girls.
Quarter-Ted Merritt, Mopars Unlimited; Robert Lundbohm, Sons of Speed.