Participants at the NAPA Import Summer Jam presented by Lyle Pearson Acura endured the hottest day of the year as temperatures climbed to 101 degrees under sun-filled skies. With track temps pushing 140 degrees and a correct altitude just north of 6,500’ above sea level it certainly made for an interesting day of racing (and testing earlier in the day)

Sweeping the day’s largest class, Rich Pedraza Sr. drove his `01 Honda S2000 stick convertible to a winning 15.78 on a 15.75 dial-in at 90.80 mph. The owner of Rich’s Auto Care & Dyno defeated the `04 Neon of former Division 6 Sport Compact champion Aaron McCoy who finished at 17.71 (17.68 dial) 78.65. The Sport Compact Bracket #2 final down the tightest finish at the margin of victory was a mere .005 of a second.

In Street Bike action, the two quickest bikes on the property met up in the final round. Jeremy Wanders won top honors in a double breakout final. The current point’s leader posted a 9.16 (9.20 dial) to clip Dave Allen who ran further under at 9.28 (9.35 dial).

Earlier in the afternoon, Wes Morris stopped Alex Steen in the Meadow Gold Junior Dragster point’s stop.

Extreme Sport Compact
Champion-Tyler Alberts, Nampa, 14.69, 66.63.
Runner-up-Anthony Amado, Boise, 18.95, 52.59.
Semi-Clint James, Meridian; Chris Pugh, Boise.
Quarter-Alex Hribik, Meridian; Stephanie Meimann, Middleton; Ray Rico, Boise.

Sport Compact #1
Champion-Troy McDonald, Nampa, 14.66, 89.93.
Runner-up-Javier Castro, Nampa, 14.80, 95.33.
Semi-Jose Mendoza, Boise; David Meimann, Middleton.
Quarter-Richard Zollinger, Nampa; Dustin Wark, Boise; Eddie Ruelas, Jerome; Brandon VanZandt, Boise.

Sport Compact #2
Champion-Rich Pedraza, Sr., Boise, 15.78, 90.80.
Runner-up-Aaron McCoy, Boise, 17.71, 78.65.
Semi-Ryan Dodson, Boise.
Quarter-Justin Borchardt, Nampa; Zak Pedraza; Tony Topia, Mountain Home.

Import Quick 8
Champion-Trevor Holland, Spokane, WA, 10.77, 139.81.
Runner-up-Lee Loder, Boise, 12.30, 131.02.
Semi-Alejandro Ayala, Nampa.

Street Bike
Champion-Jeremy Wanders, Meridian, 9.16, 135.93.
Runner-up-Dave Allen, Meridian, 9.28, 138.86.
Semi-Brian Batten, Caldwell; Aara Ekberg, Caldwell.
Quarter-Jay Mendes, Caldwell; Courtney Smith, Meridian; Matthew Giusti, Meridian; Scott Grondahl, Nampa.

Street Machine
Champion-Keith Rittenberry, Boise, 11.25, 119.00.
Runner-up-Chad Campbell, Meridian, 10.37, 129.14.
Semi-Brent Borchers, Meridian; Christopher Northup, Boise.
Quarter-Javier Castro; Tyler Rush, Boise; John Stypa, Kuna; Kyle Barker, Eagle.

Junior Dragster
Champion-Wes Morris, Boise, 8.07, 78.58.
Runner-up-Alex Steen, Idaho Falls, 8.00, 80.02.
Semis-Rion Coates, Eagle; Paige Harris, Meridian.
Quarters-Justin Hof, Nampa; Kaylessa Alwine, Boise; Michael Jaggers, Middleton.