Qualifying at the 35th Annual Little Caesars Pizza Fox Hunt is led by Dan Nickelson, LaVerne, Calif., who recorded the quickest performance during the opening of qualifying at a 6.27 elapsed time and a speed of 230.41 mph in the Pro Modified class at Firebird Raceway. Sitting number two is Andy Neyer, Phoenix, Ariz., at 6.64-206.65 mph.

As Friday’s program continued into the evening hours with a strong turnout of racers competing in the Gold Cup Series, a big dark and menacing cloud rolled in from the western horizon. Shortly after 8:30 pm, a wind storm hit the greater Treasure Valley and racing was suspended for the night. Prevailing 30 plus mph winds and dust blanketed the facility, so a decision was reached to culminate the semi’s and finals on Saturday morning before the start of day two of the program.

Several impressive performances were collected by a wide assortment of champions under clear blue skies on Saturday morning. Notably amongst the eight winners was the mother – son duo of both Lisa and Jason Thomas. Mom successfully won the Pro class, while her son scored top honors in the Box Gambler category.

Racing continues on Saturday with the conclusion to the Fox Hunt. Gates open at 11 am, followed by Pro Mod qualifying at 2:30 pm, and first round of Professional eliminations at 6:30 pm. Pit-side admission (guys) is $20, ladies receive free admission, kids 6-12 $5, and toddlers 5 & under free.

Pro Modified Qualifying
1. Dan Nickelson, LaVerne, Calif., `01 Viper, 6.27, 230.41.
2. Andy Neyer, Phoenix, Ariz., `57 Chevy, 6.64, 206.65.
3. Rod Burbage, Anderson, Calif., `58 Corvette, 9.49, 101.63.
4. Tommy Johanns, Castle Park, Colo., `53 Corvette, 10.06, 79.51.
5. Yvonne Lucas, Maple Valley, Wash, `68 Camaro, 18.87, 42.47.

Super Pro
Champion-Troy Pecht, Caldwell, .021, 10.21 (10.20 dial) 130.79.
Runner-up-.Mark Kidd, Twin Falls, .003, 7.61 (7.57 dial) 163.42.
Semi-Jim Climer, Kimberly.
Quarter-Rayce Kidd, Twin Falls; Larry Saunders, Fruitland.

Champion-Lisa Thomas, Meridian, .062, 9.92 (9.88 dial) 127.51.
Runner-up-Jerry Forrey, Kuna, .106, 12.88 (12.92 dial) 101.33.
Semi-Troy Pecht, Caldwell; Steve Wingert, Boise.
Quarter-Larry Hale, Buhl; Lucas Liese, Boise; Alex Smith, Kuna.

Champion-David Meimann, Middleton, .086, 14.57 (14.58 dial) 94.51.
Runner-up-Tyler Rush, Boise, .079, 14.40 (14.41 dial) 90.54.
Semi-Ashton Davis, Middleton.
Quarter-Charles Erickson, Emmett; Sue Reynolds, Nampa; Ron Wurtz, Caldwell.

Champion-Dave Allen, Meridian, .036, 9.66 (9.75 dial) 137.86.
Runner-up-Jacob Wood, Meridian, .045, 9.07 (9.16 dial) 138.84.
Semi-Rich Pedraza Jr., Boise; Zak Pedraza, Boise.
Quarter-Jay Mendes, Caldwell; Jesse May, Boise; Jim Lambert, Garden City.

Champion-Ed May, Payette, .004, 11.76 (11.71 dial) 112.47.
Runner-up-Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell, .011, 10.14 (10.19 dial) 123.01.
Semi-Don Childers, Boise.
Quarter-Kent Tracy, Kuna; Bill Muchow, Melba.

Fox Eliminator
Champion-Debbie Phillips, Emmett, .065, 11.97 (11.94 dial) 103.19.
Runner-up-Stephanie Meimann, Middleton, .152, 13.48 (13.47 dial) 104.98.
Semi-Catherine Seamons, Kuna; Tessa Lancaster, Ontario, Ore.
Quarter-Sharlene Lancaster, Payette; Phyllis May, Payette; Sue Reynolds, Nampa.

Box Gambler
Champion-Jason Thomas, Meridian, .467, 17.26 (8.20 dial) 67.56.
Runner-up-John Shaffer, Boise, broke.
Semi-Rick Northup, Boise; Darrell Carr, Fruitland.
Quarter-Sean Shaffer, Paul; Dick VanderMeer, Nampa; Victor Clark, Boise; T.J. Sisson, Buhl.

No Box Gambler
Champion-Bruce Compton, Boise, .000, 10.72 (10.67 dial) 115.84.
Runner-up-Ken Frickey, Nampa, .186, 11.17 (11.21 dial) 118.15.
Semi-Andrew Bell, Meridian.
Quarter-John Johnson Jr., Caldwell; Steve Pyburn, Nampa; Chris Wingert, Lewiston.