The Fairly Reliable Bob’s Club Challenge Series made it’s third stop in the six-race series. Initially, weather forecasters painted a pretty gloom day for racing as a low-pressure system was moving into the Treasure Valley. Fortunately enough, a brief band of afternoon showers delayed time trials by about 30 minutes and most sunny conditions prevailed over the majority of the late afternoon and evening hours.

Congratulations to each of the champions: Mike Osich, Tim Shawver, Chris Jaggers, Bryan Griggs, and Trent Johnston.

Club Bracket #1
Champion-Mike Osich, Hot T & C, .066, 10.26 (10.26 dial) 129.58.
Runner-up-Ryan Gerig, Mopars Unlimited, .061, 9.99 (10.00 dial) 128.64.
Semi-Lucas Hull, PSI Racing.
Quarter-Bruce Stewart, PSI Racing; Joe Witherspoon, Down `n Dirty.

Club Bracket #2
Champion-Tim Shawver, Down `n Dirty, .099, 12.36 (12.38 dial) 106.39.
Runner-up-Les Maiden, Melba Outlaws, -.019 foul, 13.06 (11.69 dial) 79.67.
Semi-Jerry Trolard, Melba Outlaws; Rod Mills, Melba Outlaws.
Quarter-Doug Wikfors, PSI Racing; Chris Bidondo, Down `n Dirty; Ed Wong, Valley Vettes.

Club Bracket #3
Champion-Chris Jaggers, PSI Racing, .001, 14.16 (14.14 dial) 95.17.
Runner-up-Shayne Schaefer, Hot Shots, -.013 foul, 13.03 (13.00 dial) 101.58.
Semi-Catherine Seamons, Kuna Knuckle Draggers.
Quarter-Dave Tweedy, Mopars Unlimited; David Meimann, Modern Rodders; Rex Petersen, Valley Vettes.

Club Bracket #4
Champion-Bryan Griggs, Kuna Knuckle Draggers, .248, 13.77 (13.70 dial) 97.95.
Runner-up-Chris Lynn, Valley Vettes, -.134 foul, 14.97 (14.98 dial) 91.48.
Semi-Judd Trolard, Melba Outlaws; Susan Wikfors, PSI Racing.
Quarter-Lindsey Deatry, Naughty Girls; Neil Ramey, Guardians; Blake Berry, Middleton Mauraders; Jeff Thatcher, Neighbor’s Nightmare.

Club Bracket #5
Champion-Trent Johnston, Melba Outlaws, .079, 16.54 (16.39 dial) 74.71.
Runner-up-Adam Wurtz, 11:11 Racing, .200, 17.38 (17.30 dial) 75.21.
Semi-Katy Sterling, Middleton Mauraders; Tyler Rush, Kuna Knuckle Draggers.
Quarter-Robert Lundholm, Sons of Speed; Brittni Unser, Kuna Knuckle Draggers; Matt Braden, Flying Brick Racing.