Former Firebird track champion John Shaffer put together a near perfect pass in the final of Super Pro to earn his first title of the season. Shaffer ripped off a .000 light and hammered out a 9.926 on a 9.92 dial at 131.71 to defeat former Junior Lightning track champion Rayce Kidd. Driving the YMC-backed Dragster, Kidd put up a very fine .009, 7.773 (7.78 dial)-170.94 to claim his first runner-up finish by a tight margin of only .004 of a second in the Kidd Performance supported class.

With temperatures in the low 80’s under partly cloudy to sunny skies, other winners in the Gold Cup chase included Mark Kidd, Rex Petersen, Craig Jensen and Michael Jaggers.

In addition to the fourth stop in the Boise Muffler point’s series, the event featured the 25th edition of the Bronco Motors Hot Truck Nationals. Richard Rush and Garrett Quinlan both recorded victories in the Pro Truck and Street Truck division, respectively.

Kidd Performance & Dyno Super Pro
Champion-John Shaffer .000, 9.92 (9.92 dial) 131.71.
Runner-up-Rayce Kidd .009, 7.77 (7.78 dial) 170.94.
Semi-Rick Northup.
Quarter-Steve Reynolds; Jim Cox.

Performance Solutions Pro
Champion-Mark Kidd .004, 9.58 (9.58 dial) 127.28.
Runner-up-Stan Deming .020, 10.83 (10.81 dial) 123.86.
Semi-Carl Youngstrom; Steve Pyburn.
Quarter-David Deming; Matt Compton; Ed May.

United Oil Sportsman
Champion-Rex Petersen .037,13.44 (13.40 dial) 105.15.
Runner-up-Joseph Karnes .081, 12.78 (12.80 dial) 104.94.
Semi-Mike Ritz.
Quarter-Levi Burlile; Paul Wallace.

Woody’s Outdoor Power Sled/Bike
Champion-Craig Jensen .095, 9.76 (9.75 dial) 125.05.
Runner-up-Rich Pedraza Jr. .070, 9.92 (9.88 dial) 126.60.
Semi-Rich Pedraza; Dave Allen.
Quarter-Liz Micheletty; J.R. Cox; Jacob Wood.

Meadow Gold Junior Dragster
Champion-Michael Jaggers .019, 8.40 (8.40 dial) 74.61.
Runner-up-Chandler Steen .024, 9.07 (8.94 dial) 71.81.
Semi-Alex Steen; Rion Coates.
Quarter-Paul Sheridan; Casey Compton; August Basile; Tristin Coulter.

Pro Truck
Champion-Richard Rush .017, 14.68 (14.62 dial) 83.33.
Runner-up-Chad Foruria .233, 13.91 (13.89 dial) 97.47.
Semi-Zak Pedraza; Alan Clarke.
Quarter-Ryan Resinkin; Sharlene Lancaster; Mark McDonald.

Street Truck
Champion-Garrett Quinlan .129, 15.88 (15.88 dial) 89.02.
Runner-up-Ed Cutler .128, 18.02 (18.13 dial) 75.18.
Semi-J.R. Cox; Ashton Davis.
Quarter-William Harris; Tami Shaffer; Ryan Moncarr; Dakota Lancaster.

Champion-Susan Wikfors .062, 13.43 (13.39 dial) 99.80.
Runner-up-Paul Wallace .099, 12.95 (12.91 dial) 106.39.
Semi-Rex Petersen; Patsy Lindbloom.
Quarter-Lynn Coleman; Phyllis May; Javier Hernandez.