As most will attest, for all intents and purposes the Friday High School & Alumni Series event could’ve or even should’ve been wiped out by mother nature. Leading up to the race, weather forecasters had predicted a 100% chance of rain throughout the day. And although it rained all morning, the showers halted shortly before the gates opened for the United Dairymen/College of Western Idaho event and never returned for the balance of the evening on a day that saw temperatures climb into the upper 50’s under partly cloudy skies.

Noteworthy amongst an array of winners was a trio of racers who excelled at the second stop in the six-race series. Glen Phillips scored his fourth consecutive Super Shifter title with his `67 Mustang, collecting his 16th straight round win with no losses. The victory continued his undefeated perfect streak in the class. David Meimann didn’t win one, but two categories with his consistent Mercedes Benz, sweeping titles in both Outlaw Street and Alumni #2. Also enjoying a perfect season thus far, Christopher Northup won his second straight High School bracket #1 trophy, currently tied for first overall with Adam Wurtz in the individual standings.

We just want to say thanks to everyone who supported this particular event, especially after forecasters painted a doom `n gloom outlook for the morning, afternoon and evening. Never ones to throw the towel in early, you can more often than not trust the fact the Firebird team will do whatever it takes to make it happen even if it may seem less than likely on the weather front.

United Dairymen/CWI High School #1
Champion-Christopher Northup, Borah High, .011, 11.12 (11.08 dial) 123.03.
Runner-up-Duston Wurtz, Meridian High, -.014 foul, 12.09 (12.09 dial) 104.73.
Semi-Zak Pedraza, Mtn. View High; Sabra Rasmussen, Renaissance High.
Quarters-Brock Holmes, Mtn. View High; Deigo Benedetti, Eagle High; Andrea Higgins, Kuna High.

United Dairymen/CWI High School #2
Champion-Adam Wurtz, Vallivue High, .106, 17.69 (17.54 dial) 76.56.
Runner-up-Jeff Fetty, Middleton High. .377, 14.93 (14.90 dial) 91.97.
Semi-Bubba Parsons, Middleton High.
Quarters-Michelle Platt, Middleton High; Michael Riley, Initial Point High; Dustin Smith, Middleton High.

United Dairymen/CWI High School #3
Champion-Aly Clark, Mtn. View High, .279, 18.53 (18.60 dial) 64.10.
Runner-up-Justin Hinrichs, Middleton High, .489, 23.21 (23.50 dial) 54.70.
Semi-Steven Siegmann, Middleton High.
Quarters-Brandon Johnson, Middleton High; Samuel Hidy, Emmett High.

United Dairymen/CWI Alumni #1
Champion-Joseph Karnes, Eagle, .062, 12.86 (12.90 dial) 106.58.
Runner-up-Joe Roberts, Nampa, -.047, 12.88 (12.81 dial) 98.69.
Semi-Catherine Seamons, Kuna.
Quarters-Mike Ritz, Boise; Susan Wikfors, Eagle.

United Dairymen/CWI Alumni #2
Champion-David Meimann, Middleton, .080, 14.46 (14.49 dial) 96.53.
Runner-up-Ashton Davis, Middleton, .126, 17.87 (17.99 dial) 71.10.
Semi-Doug Wikfors, Eagle.
Quarters-Charles Erickson, Emmett; Fuzzy Sterling, Middleton.

Carl’s Cycle Sales Street Bike
Champion-Jeremy Wanders, Meridian, .137, 9.15 (9.15 dial) 136.50.
Runner-up-Scott Grondahl, Nampa, .120, 10.22 (10.15 dial) 137.21.
Semi-Gerard Stanberry, Boise.
Quarters-Mike Smith, Kuna; David Kletzien, Boise; Matthew Giusti, Meridian.

Moffitt & Bratton Outlaw Street
Champion-David Meimann, Middleton, .062, 14.50 (14.49 dial) 96.50.
Runner-up-Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell, .085, 10.14 (10.15 dial) 118.54.
Semi-Rex Petersen, Boise.
Quarters-Paul Wallace, Boise; Duston Wurtz, Meridian; Larry Shideler, Eagle.

Wayne’s Transmissions Street Truck
Champion-Ryan Resinkin, Emmett, .071, 12.10 (12.10 dial) 107.05.
Runner-up-Tessa Lancaster, Ontario, Ore., .088, 13.21 (13.19 dial) 99.38.
Semi-Chad Foruria, Emmett; Ashton Davis, Middleton.
Quarters-Richard Rush, Boise; Gary Krueger, Nampa; Tyler Rush, Boise.

Lyle Pearson Acura Sport Compact
Champion-Pam Zollinger, Nampa, .139, 14.79 (14.76 dial) 94.30.
Runner-up-Javier Castro, Nampa, .266, 15.18 (14.83 dial) 94.28.
Semi-Richard Zollinger, Nampa.
Quarters-Perry Hammons, Caldwell; Stephanie Meimann, Middleton.

Rich’s Auto Care & Dyno Super Shifter
Champion-Glen Phillips, Middleton, .134, 12.79 (12.75 dial) 99.39.
Runner-up-Jaymes Buchanan, Boise, .105, 13.16 (13.05 dial) 104.85.
Semi-Rich Pedraza, Boise; Todd Martell, Boise.
Quarters-Mike Smith, Kuna; Lucas Hull, Middleton; Kyle LePire, Boise; Steven Whitaker, Caldwell.