The Dan Wiebold Ford Battle of the Brands event over Memorial weekend attracted an impressive turnout of competitors racing in fourteen different categories. After two straight days of wet weather, Sunday started out dry until the final beat of the National Anthem (around 1:30 pm) when the skies opened up and rain showers soaked the raceway not once but three separate times. After multiple attempts to dry the track, the Firebird crew was finally able to start eliminations shortly before 4:30 pm after sunshine returned to the raceway.

By 8:30 pm, eliminations were concluded, which featured quite an assortment of event champions. Highlights included Mark Kidd winning his third straight Pro eliminator plaque with his 9-second `55 Chevy. Gordon Boven earned his third title of the season in his fourth final round appearance, which moves him into a decisive position in the NHRA Land of the Leaders Challenge after winning the first two (of four) Firebird races in the Division 6 Series. In addition, Rex Petersen is also riding quite the hot streak, collecting his second consecutive Sportsman victory in back-to-back weeks of racing.

In addition to the fifth stop in the Boise Muffler point’s series, the specialty event featured the 25th edition of the Chevy versus Ford showdown better known as the Battle of the Brands. Just before nightfall, Ford earned top honors this year as Steve Pyburn put together the best final round package in Pro Ford to earn the Ford brand bragging rights for the next year.

Kidd Performance & Dyno Super Pro
Champion-Gordon Boven, Boise, .039, 9.55 (9.54 dial) 134.73.
Runner-up-Darrell Carr, Fruitland, .021, 11.47 (11.51 dial) 117.57.
Semi-Rayce Kidd, Twin Falls.
Quarter-Sean Shaffer, Boise; Larry Saunders, Fruitland.

Performance Solutions Pro
Champion-Mark Kidd, Twin Falls, .014, 9.50 (9.48 dial) 131.15.
Runner-up-Stan Deming, Nampa, .038, 10.75 (10.74 dial) 124.48.
Semi-Tom Davis, Meridian.
Quarter-Mike Wallace, Emmett; Mike Hering, Boise; Ricky Johnson, Ontario, Ore.

United Oil Sportsman
Champion-Rex Petersen, Boise, .093, 13.25 (13.31 dial) 106.99.
Runner-up-Tyler Rush, Boise, -.002 foul, 14.87 (14.24 dial) 73.39.
Semi-Mike McNamara, Nampa.
Quarter-Glen Phillips, Middleton; Lynde Fischer, Nampa.

Woody’s Outdoor Power Sled/Bike
Champion-Zak Pedraza, Boise, .142, 9.76 (9.68 dial) 128.40.
Runner-up-Rich Pedraza, Boise, .096, 9.54 (9.39 dial) 136.36.
Semi-JR Cox, Weiser.
Quarter-Whitney Carlson, Meridian; Craig Jensen, Chubbuck.

Meadow Gold Junior Dragster
Champion-Casey Compton, Boise, -.078, 8.88 (8.92 dial) 71.43.
Runner-up-Rion Coates, Eagle, -.010 foul, 10.17 (10.21 dial) 63.25.
Semi-Alex Steen, Idaho Falls; Michael Jaggers, Middleton.
Quarter-August Basile, Middleton; Justin Hof, Nampa; Kaylessa Alwine, Boise.

Pro Ford
Champion-Steve Pyburn, Melba, .009, 9.92 (9.88 dial) 134.69.
Runner-up-Joe Witherspoon, Jerome, .036, 10.74 (10.72 dial) 123.27.
Semi-Jessica Bell, Las Vegas, Nev.; Kent Tracy, Kuna.
Quarter-Larry Shideler, Eagle; Russell Eggers, Star; Bill Muchow, Melba; Bill Meyers, Nampa.

Pro Chevy
Champion-Troy Pecht, Caldwell, .028, 10.15 (10.06 dial) 127.15.
Runner-up-Kyle LePire, Boise, .183, 11.40 (11.40 dial) 119.23.
Semi-Tim Shawver, Meridian.
Quarter-Zak Pedraza, Boise; Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell; Alex Smith, Kuna.

Street Chevy
Champion-Richard Rush, Boise, .056, 14.37 (14.24 dial) 84.21.
Runner-up-Ashton Davis, Middleton, .092, 16.69 (16.59 dial) 82.92.
Semi-Charles Erickson, Emmett; Mike Huetson, Middleton.
Quarter-Brennan Hoover, Nampa; Stephanie Marsala, Kuna; Sean Leger, Nampa; Rich Moore, Boise.

Street Ford
Champion-Amanda Luckow, Eagle, .250, 15.65 (15.61 dial) 90.41.
Runner-up-Eric Bell, Middleton, -.116, 14.07 (14.20 dial) 98.26.
Semi-Alan Clarke, Emmett.
Quarter-Gina Luckow, Emmett; Richard Zollinger, Nampa.

Early Mustang
Champion-Brian Ross, Melba, .032, 13.24 (13.17 dial) 103.12.
Runner-up-Duston Wurtz, Meridian, .125, 11.98 (11.95 dial) 110.14
Semi-Jeff Bell, Meridian.
Quarter-Brent Borchers, Meridian; Jerry Trolard, Vale, Ore.,

Late Mustang
Champion-Lucas Hull, Middleton, .046, 12.36 (12.33 dial) 101.28.
Runner-up-Judd Trolard, Vale, Ore., .093, 14.63 (14.55 dial) 93.96.
Semi-Shannon Dougal, Kuna.
Quarter-Lee Dougal, Kuna; John Higgins, Fort Dix, N.J.

Camaro Shootout
Champion-Sue Reynolds, Nampa, .024, 13.41 (13.33 dial) 100.53.
Runner-up-Catherine Seamons, Kuna, .091, 13.50 (13.45 dial) 104.27.Semi-Don Childers, Boise.
Quarter-Annette Shumway, Meridian; Greg Buckert, Star.

Chevelle Challenge
Champion-Rich Pedraza, Jr., Boise, .129, 10.30 (10.25 dial) 124.34.
Runner-up-Larry Hoover, Nampa, .174, 11.69 (11.64 dial) 115.69.
Semi-Don Chivington, Nampa.

Champion-Debbie Pisca, Caldwell, .418, 14.43 (14.40 dial) 94.87.
Runner-up-Patsy Lindbloom, Eagle, .581, 15.19 (15.20 dial) 90.46.
Semi-Brian Petty, Idaho Falls.
Quarter-Rick Lancaster, Ontario, Ore.; Phyllis May, Payette; Terra Keller, Kuna.

Show `n Shine
Chevy: Don Childers, `69 Camaro; Troy Pecht, `63 Nova; John Marsala, `64 Corvette; John Jurado, `81 Malibu; Mike Johnson, `69 Chevy; Ed Franek, `70 Camaro; Bobby Barrett, `70 Nova.

Ford: Kent Tracy, `63 Falsom; Larry Shideler, `09 Mustang; Jeff & Elizabeth, `08 Mustang; Dave & Carol Barr, `64 Fairlane; Randy Sexton, `67 Fairlane; Jessica Bell, `70 Mustang; Ashton Davis, Ford Pickup.