Now if this doesn't just take the cake! Taken during the mid-70's, this is "the Godfather" ragtop of Doug Wikfors racing against a motorcycle and some goofball hanging on for dear life as they charge down the raceway. This is one of those photos (and peculiar match ups) that no one knew even existed until it appeared from within a stack of photographs deep inside the Firebird historical archives. This has to be one of the more odd photos we've yet encountered. Maybe Doug or someone could reveal a bit more about this strange match up.

Follow-Up: You know, I think they were just going back to the pits because of either an
equipment, timing or weather issue and the extra rider was just getting a
lift back to the pits. Looking closely, the christmas tree lights aren't
on - on either side on the tree and the car is just going out easy. I can't
imagine I would have let anyone race that way. Regards, Rocky Church, Former
Firebird Chief Starter