We step back to the year 1989 for this week's Blast from the Past. This is Jerry Carlile from Twin Falls with his "Brain Damage" `23 T Roadster. Previous to this ride, Jerry campaigned a couple of different rear-engined Dragsters. Having visited on a couple of occasions this past season with Jerry, we understand he will be returning in 2006 with a new ride. In case you didn't know, this car was also campaigned in the 90's with a blown on alcohol combination by a couple of other racers...question is: do you know their names?
Carl Morris recounted that:
The Brain Damage car went from shop to shop for a long time, Rich Scrivner had it in the mid eighties for a bit  and I remember seeing Mike Reed with it in 84' at Spokane. In the 90's........ maybe Mitch McDowell and Kerry Moriera.
Also, thanks to Martin Banniza, for also recalling that Scrivner campaigned this Roadster for a season or two.
Any other guesses? Where might the car be today?