Having competed at Firebird for well over two decades, the Schaefer family holds the distinction of placing both a father and son in the Bracketeer winner's circle at the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals. Over the years, many related family members have reached victory lane at the Nightfire including Edmond & Scotty Richardson (brothers), Rick & Lesli Northup (brother & sister-in-laws), Ken & Bill Heard (brothers), to give but a handful of examples. Only two father-son teams have won Bracketeer titles (in different years). Nick (`89) and Shayne (`91) Schaefer, along with Stan and J.R. Leerkamp in 1986 and 1999, respectively. The year Nick won, he was driving this 10-second Chevy Vega and is joined by wife Tomi, along with Firebird officials - Joel Eggers, Brad New and Carl Morris, in this early starting line winner's circle photo. Today, the Tri-S team manages the Firebird website, including all the rapidly updated points and photo pages, in addition to racing at a variety of events.