You won't find many race cars today that were racing back when Firebird first opened in 1968. One in particular that is steeped in heritage and tradition is "The Rowdy #3" D/Gas `56 Chevy campaigned for many years by Lloyd Taylor that is owned and driven today by Scott Downard (son of national record holder Carl Downard). Plain and simple, this car is flat cool. After completely rebuilding the powerplant over the past many, many months, Downard returned the week before the Pepsi Nightfire (and during the Nightfire, too) to unleash the all steel ride in all it's glory. One week before this wheelstand, he nearly stood it straight up on the bumper, in one of the car's all-time biggest wheelies. The best part about this car is that it still maintains the vintage blue paint, all the while running deep into the 10's, typically lifting the wheels 3 or more times down the quarter-mile that must be an absolute handful to drive for the second generation shoe. All we can add is - don't change it, Scott. It's just plain neat the way it is. Image by Nitrophoto