This classic "Blast" photo features two western Idaho racers - the Ashley "Tobacco Wagon" roadster pickup dragster alongside of the famed McDowell - Taylor "Gentle Ben" Cuda. This is one of the earliest Funny Cars to set foot on the Firebird quarter-mile. Sometimes it's as much fun looking at the background of one of these photos as it is the foreground. Check out some of the cool iron - early Corvette, GTO/Lemans, Olds 442, pair of V-Dub's, Fairlane, etc. - and the requisite custom-fabricated porta johns in their original "behind the tower" location. Last but not least, it must have been one windy, cool day - `cause everybody is in jackets and a fine touch of the desert terrain we enjoy - a tumbleweed stuck in the light source/photocell set-up.