Reprinted from the Roadster Show Award's Program, this was the announcement for the silver anniversary Master Builder award near the conclusion of the big show weekend. Long-time hot rodder - Galen Blanc was acknowledged for the special award. Blanc, who owned an auto body shop in downtown Boise for several decades is a former drag racer (campaigning a front-motored dragster in the early-mid 60's), along with an accomplished builder. He was presented the Master-Builder honor by the New Crew on March 12th...

2006 marks the 25thSilver Anniversary year of this very special and distinguished award, called Master-Builder. The honor has been bestowed upon quite a variety of individuals over the years, including the likes of:
Ray Parsons
Chuck Wright
Bruce Nyborg
Mike Allen
Dick Tompkins
Terry Applegate
Gale Sasser
Bill Batchelor
Ruben Gaona
Bob Schoonhoven
Dale Hopkins
Dick Brooks
John Shay
Dan Dowdy
John Treharne
Boyd Coddington
Chris Jaggers
Tom Evans
Ed Summers
Kevin Dalrymple
Roger Allen
Ken Rhodes
Tim Ketlinski
Chip Foose
This year's honoree has one characteristic that certainly personifies the spirit and essence behind this awardand that is passion. When you look back in time, and we're talkin' close to five decades, he has played a roll with literally dozens upon dozens cars throughout our community. At the same he's built quite a variety of street rods himself over the years, but his real expertise and obsession has been paint and body work, having owned a body shop in the Boise valley that went way back in time, until his retirement a handful of years ago. And as far as our recollection goes, he still resides and builds cars in the same home and shop up on the Boise bench, which dates back to sometime in the late 50's - early 60's. Our honoree tonight and show producer Bill New go back a cummulative 50 years and each came by way of the Great Depression year of 1934
Honestly, he is a person many, many people very much so respect and admire. He's old-school. Some might reflect that he's excentric, but in a good waybecause he's a real perfectionist like many in this complex, wanting everything to be built to the absolute best of his abilities. Doors that close perfectly, hood gaps that match to the thickness of a sheet of thin cardboard, paint `n finish that looks more like a mirror, to all the tiny, tiny details that help to elevate a hot rod from average to exceptional.
He's helped behind the scenes on a variety of cars that have graced events in our community going way, way back. He's had his hands involved in projects for everyone from Don Simplot to Kenny Rhodes and countless others, but he's never really called for attention or glory.
Bottom line he's one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people you'll ever come to know and respect when it comes to all things under the sun that have wheels on itI don't care whether it's a fat fendered Ford, authentic Mustang scooter, Schwinn Phantom Bike, Restored Veltex Gas Pumphe's a genuine motor-head.
On behalf of the entire New family, we're all proud to have him and his stunning `36 Ford Roadster in this year's show. And not unlike past winners, he represents the true essence behind what this award is all about