Team Firebird recently competed at the Summit E.T. Finals outside Medford, OR. An enthusiastic group of racers earned a sixth place finish in the final standings. Looking back in time (more specifically - the Boise Roadster Show in 1989), Team Firebird won their first of four Division 6 crowns in 1988. Several of the racers were invited to showcase their race cars at the Roadster Show, including Shayne Schaefer and Scott Lemen as they are joined in this photo by former Division 6 Director Gene Bergstrom and Firebird's John New. Other racers standings in the background include: Schaefer, Dave Goff (who won at the `88 Finals), Scott Casper, Steve King, Ole McNamar, Mike Schreiner, Terry Anderson, George Phillips, Dale Harsin, and Lonnie Kuenzli.
It's no secret - we are already in the early planning stages to gear up for the 2007 E.T. Finals, which will take place at Woodburn Dragstrip in Woodburn, OR. As we "Drive for Number Five!" - we will be focusing all efforts on putting together the "STRONGEST, BADDEST, TOUGHEST 54 RACERS" in the history of Firebird and the Team Race itself, which dates back to 1978 (when we first attended and competed with 32 racers at Seattle Int'l Raceway). Mark your calendar right now - for the second weekend in September and make plans to be a part of Team Firebird "Drive for Number Five!" in 2007, `cause we are on a mission to bring the gold back to Idaho!