Just prior to the start of round two of Pro during Saturday's Gold Cup Point's Championships, two veteran racers waited patiently in Firebird's staging lanes. In the forefront, it is none other than Dan Randleman (with his front-engined Dragster) - a Gold Cup track champion going all the way back to the early 70's (in fact the first year Firebird offered Gold Cup crowns) and Larry Hale with his `60 Studebaker. What makes this picture unique is the fact it features one of the earliest champions and the latest. The 71 year old Hale would not only beat Randleman in round two to tie Chris Wood, but would return one round later to break the tie, downing Tim Shaw for the overall Pro championship. Four rounds later, he would eventually win the whole day (too) stopping Jim Tattersall in the final with a 10.03 (10.10 dial)-133.11 with Cad-powered ride.