Over the years we've had a chance to dig back in the Firebird photo archives and pull up some pretty cool shots. This one ranks right up with some of the more crazy things the Firebird management has done over 40 years. Not long after Evel Knievel (in the very early 70's) performed a motorcycle jump at Firebird the two Blackwell brothers were invited to make an exhibition jump, too. What made these two guys a bit more of a "sight to see" was the fact they jumped in opposite directions - at each other! And if you've coming to Firebird dating back to when it first opened you'll quickly notice a couple of things that stand out. One: the Datsun Pickup and the Datsun B210 Station Wagon (that these two guys jumped) were personal modes of transportation for track operator's Bill & Ellanor New at the time. Two: If you look closely at the Firebird entrance road sign (background) - this might have been one of the only pictures it ever appears in. Not too many weeks after this jump, a massive wind storm hit the raceway, bending that very strong sign over like it was standing on toothpicks, in addition to tearing the roofs off several out buildings and food stands. Those were the days!