Long-time Firebird competitor Shayne Schaefer has competed with a variety of cars for better than a quarter-century. Looking back to 1984, this is his "Thunderfoot II" Mustang II that was custom-fabricated and built out of their Tri-S Racing shop. The Ford competed in everything from Super Pro to Super Street. Look closely in the background of this image and you'll see (then) chief starter Brad New and Shayne's father - Nick. Shayne is a many time Firebird track champion, including his first titles that came in High School competition running for Meridian High. He has also scored victories in the Bracketeer at the Nightfire and the Northwest Nationals at Seattle. Today, he is the team captain of the Hot Shots Copper Cup club and races throughout the racing calendar at a select number of events. And don't be surprised if one day the mighty "Thunderfoot II" comes out of the stable for a return to the quarter-mile pavement.