Driving his `27 Ford Roadster, this is Steve Cook from Rexburg at the 1983 Ignitor. Looking back nearly a quarter-century - you can still see the original Firebird grandstands, along with the Newtronics timing system and Christmas tree. Look closely and you'll not only notice the "shorty" .4-tenths pro light, but also a single stage light (no pre-stage) during an era where deep-staging was a common practice. The blue wood box before the a-board Firebird sign is what was known as the Dial-In Differential box. Created and engineered by David Hagen, racers would need to subtract both dial-ins and verify (i.e. - 10.50 and 9.25) so that the piano bulbs inside the blue box would read: 1.25 and the yellow bulb on top of the box would light up for the quicker car...now those were the days. In the background are signs from one of the valley's original speed shops - Automotive West (first known as Service City Auto Parts) and KFXD 95. In the staging lanes, it looks like Martin Banniza (tailend of Camaro) and Phil Cameron are getting ready to run.