Kent Tracy has been racing at Firebird for many, many years. He's raced everything from a 7-second T Roadster to a 10-second fat-fendered coupe. But perhaps the best story of Oldies weekend came from Tracy's `46 Ford coupe, which he has owned since he was 16 years old. This bright orange coupe was the car he met his wife in and the car he drove in high school. Kent is 63 years old today. By my math, that's 47 years of ownership, which takes us all the way back to the year 1960! It's actually quite refeshing in today's world of buy, drive (until you tire of your rod or custom) and sell world. More cars today change hands than you can even shake a stick at. To the Kent Tracy's out there in street rod land (which are few and far between), we say atta boy. Why not keep it forever. Now that's a bonifide Blast from the Past!