Prior to the beginning of the Halloween Classic fourteen years ago, the staff at Firebird would close the season with a costume day. This picture goes back nearly 20 years ago. Inspired by Pro coordinator Tony Van (who helped manage the track staff during the 80's), Tony encouraged many team members to dress up in a variety of costumes. This photo was taken by former Racemaster recipient, the late Sam Callaway. You might recognize a few of the Firebird team - Tony "the Hippie" (center back), Joel Eggers "Clown" (center, next to Bill New), Dora Northup & Juliet Barnahrt "Mickey Mouse" (front left), and the late Brenda Hatch (cow girl-center). Back then, it was a bit of a challenge encouraging everyone to join the Halloween spirit. Certainly not the case today, all of us on the track staff can't wait to dream up a new character. In fact most of us are already working on a game plan for 2008, especially since it marks the 15th Anniversary of the famed Classic!