This photo traces back to the early 80's when the inter-state rivalry between Firebird and Pocatello was one of the big highlights of every season. Known as the Gem State Series, we would annually make one trip to the eastern side of the state back in the day when Intermountain or Drag City were still up and running. Actually we'd race once in Pocatello and once at Firebird. It was quite the battle as both sides of the state wanted bragging rights as to who had the best racers in Idaho. Sadly, the Gem State races came to a end when the eastern Idaho facility closed up shop. It's kind of fun looking back. Do you notice any current day racers in this photo? Look closely and you'll see (l to r): Doug Strunk, Joe Witherspoon, Kevin Griffiths, Scott Lemen, Shayne Schaefer, Chet VandeWater, Kevin Shumway, Tim Wallace and an assortment of others.