The intra-division rivalry heated back up over Labor Day weekend during the Summit E.T. Finals. It's no secret that both Woodburn Dragstrip and Firebird Raceway have had a fun, but quite often heated battle going between powerhouse race tracks in Division 6. 2008 was no different. Woodburn stopped Firebird during Saturday's Track Manager's Cup. Woodburn edged out Firebird by a mere 1 point in the final standings. But as most recognize, Sunday is the main event, the one day that is more important than any other in "team" competition all season long in the northwest. Early on, Firebird, Woodburn, Portland and Bremerton were back `n forth in the standings. But by day's end, the mighty "Drive for Five" - Team Firebird squad pulled off a convincing 9 point victory over a very impressive Madras team. Woodburn ended up fourth overall, losing several of their prime-time players early in eliminations. The above photo takes us back a few years, in fact thirty to be exact. This is Gene Bergstrom, replete in one of Firebird's original logo'd t-shirts pushing his Falcon down the staging lanes of the Bracketeer Nationals in 1978. Even more amazing is the fact he ran this very car for Team Firebird in the 1979 Bracket Team Finals at Portland International Raceway, finishing runner-up for the Boise race track. Today, as most learned at this past weekend's Team Race, Bergstrom (who helps manage Woodburn with track owner Jim Livingston) is a big fancier of the music of Yanni. During the pre-race on Saturday, the entire morning was filled with many of Gene's favorite Yanni cuts. Next time you see Gene at Woodburn, be sure and tell him you'd like to start each race with a few of Yanni's best. As they say in that MasterCard commercial - it would be simply "priceless!".