Reminiscent of the early years of Funny Car racing, the Holy Toledo Jeep of Ed & Ron Lenarth was a real step back in time for many of the veterans of this year's Pepsi Nightfire Nationals. Driven by James Day, this fuel Funny Car was recreated to help reflect back on the years at Lions Dragstrip and many other SoCal dragstrips back in the late 60's and early 70's. It was especially cool to see the Jeep qualify for this year's Nightfire, too, making the cut for the tough 16-car field on its last attempt on Saturday night. The Jeep was first campaigned in the late-60's. An untimely fire in early 70's pushed the NHRA into banning open top Funny Cars. The Jeep then went onto race in both sand and mud bog competition before being retired. It was great seeing the recreation of the bright yellow Jeep make its first appearance at Firebird.