It's not often you can take a photo and say it could've been captured in 1968 or 2008. To give it a little nostalgia feel - we took the liberty to make this shot into a black `n white image. Truthfully, this picture could have come from Lion's in the late 60's. This is the "Bad Manners" Fiat Topolino of Utah's Scott Stanger. It's just one of those period-perfect cars that never ages. Making history during the Oldies Drags, the Stanger gang laid down their first-ever 7-second run at Firebird's high-altitude facility. It came during the first round of Pro Dragster/Roadster eliminations, and it was very sweet. Congratulations to everyone on the "Bad Manners" team, most of which do it for the love of the sport than anything else. We'll see all of them returning behind the wrenches (and support crew) of the Scott Mason "Sudden Impact" Top Fueler at the 37th Annual Pepsi Nightfire Nationals in August. Image by Chris Wold.