"Jungle Jim" Lieberman

Even though this shot isn't from Firebird, it's still one of the coolest shots ever taken. This is from one of Bill Doner's 64 Funny Cars races at Seattle Int'l Raceway. It features none other than "Jungle Jim" Lieberman and more importantly, his better half, the one `n only "Jungle Pam". Lieberman was one of the all-time great Funny Car promoters. He ran literally coast-to-coast and made stops in the northwest during the 70's at Kent, Portland, Puyallup, and right here in our own backyard at Firebird. He's the only racer to-date to perform a fire burnout (illegal by today's standards) during a mid-70's Nightfire 500 event. He's also famous for his soundbite in the motion picture Funny Car Summer where he said, "Drag Racing is FAR OOOOUUUUTTT!" As most will agree, Jungle will always be remembered as one of the best in the biz.