Check this classic photo out. One of the real veterans of tournament bracket racing is a racer by the name of Richard McFarland who reigns from Yucca Valley, Calif. This photo comes by way of his induction as the 5th Bracketeer Allstar all the way back in 1990. Richard will be returning to the Nightfire this August with his Pontiac-powered Dragster out of the Behren's Bros. Race Car shop. To our knowledge, McFarland is the only racer on planet earth to have raced at the Bracket Nationals in Rockford, Illinois, the 5-day at Moroso and the Bracketeers at Firebird (counting better than a quarter-century now). Look close in the top right corner of this photo and you'll see the original dial-in differential box sitting up by the tower. Because we didn't have scoreboards in those early years, a dial-in differential was calculated and input into the timing system as a check `n balance system. Now those were the days!