It all started in 1976. It was the beginning of the first major bracket race in the western United States. Staged over Memorial weekend, the Bracketeer Nationals as it was originally called saw two Idaho racers meet up in the championship final. Harley Noe (near side) raced Dale Harsin for not only the title, but the biggest payday in western bracket racing history. The race itself was a story unto itself. This Bracketeer final was staged on Monday morning after rain hit the track just prior to all the final rounds on Sunday afternoon. As luck would have it, lightning had knocked out the power to the finish line lights, but not the starting line (Christmas tree). Both racers agreed to be handicapped on the tree off their final dial in on Sunday and race first one to the finish line was the winner. Four Firebird officials stood on each side of raceway at the finish to determine (by the naked eye) the winner. Harley crossed the quarter-mile stripe by over two cars lengths, earning the right to be called the first Bracketeer champion...some 33 years ago!