Dale Hopkins

If you don't think this doesn't go back in time, think again. Just check out the old dial-in differential blue box at the starting line and those vintage white porcelain photo cells! Now those were the days. This is the chopped and shortened `57 Wagon of Body & Paint Center owner Dale Hopkins from Emmett, who still campaigns this shoebox every once in a blue moon. Our guess has this shot dating back to the late 70's (maybe very early 80's). Long before we had scoreboards and the modern timing system, racers would have to subtract their two dial ins and verify it against this blue box on the starting line. The light bulb would light up on the side of the quicker car and the box had piano bulbs that would provide the true differential the tree would count down. It was quite the creative way (check `n balance of sorts) of making early bracket racing work on a Newtronics timing system. Image by the late Sam Callaway