Although the quality of this shot is not perfect by any means, the significance is rather substantial. This is one of less than a very small handful of pictures that features the first day Firebird opened in July of 1968. Look closely and you'll see the famed Hemi Under Glass Wheelstander driven by Bob Riggle. Archived by Rick Hale, this photograph was taken by Ken Rhodes. What's amazing is all the people standing alongside of the track at roughly the 1000' mark as Riggle drives the Barracuda back towards the starting line on two wheels. The guy closest to the track (maybe 20 feet from the edge) appears to be taking a close-up and blocks out the Cuda a bit. As the front page story in the Idaho Statesman noted, "...a turn away crowd attended Firebird's opening day." Amazingly enough, this is the event that started it all. Image from the Rick Hale Collection