Since it's Oldies week at Firebird, how could you not dig this amazing photo from October of 1967. In case you don't recognize where the shot was taken - go ahead and take a guess. Firebird? No. Thunder Ridge? No. Gowen Field? No. How `bout Glenwood Blvd.! Yep, two drag races were staged on Glenwood in the mid-60's before Firebird officially opened in July of 1968. I'm not a 100% sure, but I think this is a highly sought after (in today's world) `32 Ford B-400 getting ready to make a run towards the Boise River. In the background is the official timing stand with an assortment of staff, along with an announcer (wonder who that was?) on the back of a flatbed truck. Thanks to the extensive Rick Hale photo collection, we are able to share this ultra-rare gem for all to enjoy.