It’s never easy losing a good friend, close acquaintance or member of the family.

We lost a dear friend on Wednesday, April 21, 2010, and one of Firebird’s most popular racers, Kenney Goodell from Sherwood, Ore. “The Action Man”, as he was recognized over the years, was 64 years of age. For everyone who came to know him throughout better than four decades in the sport of Drag Racing, we are deeply saddened by the loss.

Looking back, Kenney not only raced at Firebird dating back to the early 1970’s, but was a feature attraction at the Boise Roadster Show. He was invited to showcase his purple and orange Funny Car in the second Roadster Show in the Fall of 1973.

”Kenney was truly one-of-a-kind.” said Firebird’s Scott New, “He was a tremendous influence during my childhood, leaving a lasting impression every time he came to town. He always took time to spend time with me as a youngster, which goes beyond what words can describe, and I’ll treasure the time we spent together at the track. In my opinion, he stands as one of the all-time greats in northwest drag racing history.”

He was a mainstay at all of Firebird’s major racing weekends, including the original Ignitor and Nightfire 500.

At one of the early NHRA World Championship Series meets, Kenney raced not only his trademark purple `n orange Funny Cars at Firebird, but also a matching wedge AA/Fuel Dragster, one of the first racers to try and compete in the nitro ranks with two entries.

Kenney married his wife Ginger in a park in downtown Boise in August of 1976.

In more recent years, Kenney participated at the 2005 Halloween Classic (pictured with his wife Ginger and Bill & Ellanor New) with a nostalgic Anglia, in addition to showing the gasser sedan at the Boise Roadster Show in 2007.

Every member of the New family and staff are deeply saddened by the loss of an icon of Drag Racing and Motorsports in the great northwest. He touched many people in this sport. For all that he gave, we are indebted to his commitment, enthusiasm and zeal throughout all his years directed at our sport and life in general. He was the epitome of a true gentleman of the highest order.

With that said, we’re most definitely going to miss Kenney Goodell. Our deepest condolences are extended to his wife Ginger, sons Shane and Shay; daughters July Carrasco, Tiffany Whitehurst and Britney Miller, other family members, close friends and acquaintances.

God speed.