Henry Harrison was quite a character in the ranks of AA/Funny Car. A competitor for many, many years – his claim to fame at Firebird came during one of the early Nightfire 500 events back in the 1980’s. With little to no wind on a warm summer night, Harrison put down a patented 600’ burnout. Unfortunately, the smoke just wouldn’t budge as he backed up from a lengthy tire smoker. Leaving little to doubt, ol’ Henry ripped down the track, with little to no visibility (due to the smoke…aka fog bank) and ripped off a track record speed of 246 miles per hour. Asked later that night, all Harrison said was, “No Guts, No Glory”. To this day, we are still in awe of what many called – the run of the decade at Firebird. For the record, he was the AA/FC winner at the 1981 Nightfire.