Trace back to 1988 and this is the impromptu starting line winner’s circle for one of the early High School drag racing events. The best we can tell it’s from the `88 Fall Championships shortly after Borah High student Matt Compton won the King of the Hill crown, along with the overall individual crown. He is pictured with dad Bruce, the late Mr. Dave Emry, the Borah High advisor and Scott New. Looking back in time, Borah has scored ten year-end prep championships (winning their first school title in 1987). Today Matt operates Performance Solutions, one of the top engine shops in the region, located at 5032 W. State Street in Boise. If you need any work done to your street or strip combination, be sure and check in with Matt who can be reached by calling 208 853-RACE or visiting his website at: Image by Reid Dahlin