The Fox Hunt has had a personality all unto itself over the years. Truthfully, there’s not another event on our track schedule that matches the unique nature of this spectacle (event) at the strip. Guess it has something to do with the fact that all ladies get in for free. This photo steps back quite a few years in time. This shot was taken back in 1985. Pictured here is the “Wildfire” Jet Dragster of Joe Brown and the “Smoke `n Thunder” of Scott Hammack. And if you think the picture is a little hazy, it’s because it is. During this event, the winds kicked up somewhere in the vicinity of 25-30 mph and with it came the dust storm to end all dust storms. Wanting to please a very stout crowd, the two jet jockeys dazzled everyone with a great starting line show and blasted down the track. If you look closely – that’s Brad New, chief starter in the 80’s (between the old Newtronics start line photocells) at the time, getting ready to send them on their way. Now, those were the days!