1979 was quite a year for Peter Berkuta (near lane). Not only did Peter, who reigns from southern California, win the Firebird Gold Cup point’s championship, but he added in victories at the Bracketeer Nationals and the Nightfire (pictured), along with the title at the Division 6 Team Finals hosted at Portland Int’l Raceway in September of 1979. With the Northwest Division victory, he represented Team Firebird at Ontario Motor Speedway at the NHRA World Finals where the inaugural national titles for bracket racing were offered to four racers from each division in the country. Peter finished runner-up at Ontario. He also holds the distinction of competing at the first twenty-five consecutive Bracketeer events at Firebird dating back to 1976 and was in the final the very first race, which was split (due to a huge Memorial weekend storm front) between him and Ken Heard. We understand Peter may very well be returning for the 40th Pepsi Nightfire (following a recent phone conversation), which would be very cool to see. Image by the late Sam Callaway