One of the more amazing stories to come out of the Oldies But Goodies weekend was the assortment of Jalopy cars that were on display by builder Cliff Barrett (pictured) from Nampa. Over the course of the past four years, Cliff has been carefully restoring and resurrecting quite a cross-section of Jalopy race cars that would’ve competed at the speedway in Meridian during the mid-50’s. With four of the cars on display at the Oldies event and three more in the works, he is on the verge of assembling enough rolling (and running) stock to replicate a race that might have occurred over five decades ago. Even though these are not drag race cars, they were still very well received at Firebird during the first weekend of June. It was Cliff’s father - Ray, who raced the white #28 coupe sponsored by Kellogg Mills and better known as “Idaho Beans”. We just want to say thanks to Cliff for putting them on display at Firebird for all to enjoy.