Here’s a cool shot from the Nightfire roughly twenty or so years (or even more) ago. Not many will disagree this car has been driven by more people than you can shake a stick at. Over the years, we’ve seen maybe as many as twenty different racers behind the wheel of the Lo-Bucks Chevy II Nova. Owned by Stan & Kathy Soran (brother of Dan), they’ve been gracious enough to loan this car out to relatives, friends, heck, probably even a next door neighbor or two. Behind the wheel of this shot is none other than Tom Brannan, a guy that won a Firebird track championship and was once recognized as “T.V. Tommy” after an appearance on the NHRA Today national t.v. program. Surprisingly enough, this car has never left the ownership of the Soran family. It’s pretty cool seeing a car like this out at the dragstrip (every once in a while), especially when you consider it’s been around Firebird for nearly as long as the track has been in operation.