60 year old Walt Skoczylas, pronounced “scotchless” has always been an inline fanatic. Over the years, the Aloha, Oregon resident has had quite a variety of inline race cars. His latest build is this HAMB-inspired dragster. Running pretty much a bone stock (225 cubic inched) Dodge 6-cylinder motor, the true-oldies gow job (as they were once recognized) may not be the quickest ride down the quarter-mile, having run into the 15’s, but it must be a bunch of fun to run. From what we understand there may very well be several more going together for future Oldies-type events. It’s kind of the equivalent of building a dragster on a budget, with just the bare motor and essentials to compete. Maybe we’ll see a class developed in the near future that’ll be just for the mid-50’s influenced “shorty” diggers for nostalgia-type events – sounds pretty cool to us. Image by David Fudge