Hard to say if this is either 1968 or 69, but it’s pretty close to opening season of Firebird Raceway. The Henry J was originally raced by Dave Borchardt, a car he still owns to this day. The local racer had a number of sponsors on his “Jumpin’ J”, which included Orv Tarter’s OK Tire Store, B & B Auto Parts in Garden City, and Al Russell Sports Center. The sage brush in the background tells us this picture has to date back to when the track first opened, in addition to the dozens of people sitting up on the eastern hillside, on top of their cars, and primitive entrance road that was once (the original) Highway 16. What’s really cool is the fact that Dave stills owns this Henry J, completely built from the ground up, and it appeared in the 2011 Boise Roadster Show at Expo Idaho.