Shayne Schaefer has been racing at Firebird for better than 30 years. His list of racing accomplishments includes winning an NHRA national event, the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals/Bracketeer, both Gold Cup and High School track championships, along with an assortment of event victories throughout the expansive Firebird roster of events. He is also the leader of the many time season-end winning Hot Shots team in the Club Challenge Series. In addition to his racing pursuits he completely manages our website. As most of you know we are very proud of our site. It takes a ton of time to manage all the pieces to the html puzzle and Shayne does a great job keeping everything up and running in a very timely fashion. From track points to the track schedule to all the special feature buttons (Racer Spotlight, Picture of the Week and Blast from the Past) and all the photo galleries, he is constantly making sure to keep things current and fun to peruse. This photo dates back to the days when he raced his “Thunderfoot II” Mustang II, most likely a Nightfire event in the late 80’s. Obviously it’s an old photo, just look at the grandstands in the background and the old Newtronics Christmas tree that takes us back to a pre-1991 time frame. The cool thing is we may see this car return again one day. He’s working on an updated version of the car that will debut sometime in the not-too-distant future. Maybe if we quit bombarding him with things to work on within our website, he’d be able to find the energy to finish it up. If it’s like anything he’s done in the past, it’ll be one outstanding ride.