Jason Squire took us up on our offer to scan an old scrapbook photo and submit it for Blast from the Past. A regular in the Club Challenge Series and the team captain for the Venom Racing team, Jason has been racing his Mustang (pictured at left) since first racing at Firebird over twenty years ago. As Jason recounts, “This is from the 1991 Summer High School race. It was my first event ever with my ’69 Mustang, which I had only owned for a month or so. I won my class, as did my team mate (forget his name), on the newly formed Screaming Eagles Drag Team for Capital. I also won Best Appearing High School Car and still have both trophies! I have raced my ’69 ‘Stang at least once every year for 20 years now!” That’s a pretty cool story in its own right. Thanks for being a part of the Firebird racing scene all these years, Jason.