Here is the final round of Comp eliminator at the 1988 Winston World Championship Series meet at Firebird. It pitted Rob Harrison from Vancouver, B.C., against the early Corvette of Jim Warter, far side, out of Fox Island, Wash. At the finish line, the title would go to the “Joint Venture” J/Altered Vette of Warter. This may have been the final year that Firebird operated a Newtronics timing system. If you look closely to the left hand side of the Harrison G/Altered, you’ll notice a pretty good-sized piece of cardboard. In fact, this cardboard was needed to keep a bright reflection from shining into the original photocell sensors. Division 6 chief starter Ray Rice not only held the temporary shield for a 45 minute period of time, but also flipped the starter button during this late afternoon development way back in 1988. By 1989, a brand-new “state-of-the-art” Compulink system was installed and this became but just another memorable moment in the history of Firebird. Image by Rich Carlson Photography