Over the course of the past ten plus years, we’ve had an opportunity to dig deep into the historical vaults to unveil some photographic treasures that haven’t seen the light of day in decades. It’s been fun sharing some extraordinary shots taken by a wide assortment of top-notch photographers, many of which are truly unsung hero’s of our sport. Since the first “Blast” feature of the Tom “the Mongoose” McEwen back around the late 90’s or early 2000, we’ve had a lot of fun unveiling quite a cross-section of both color and black `n white imagery. All together, we have released a whopping 360 images, many of which have helped shape and reflect back on the history of Firebird and other noteworthy works. We have a ton of favorites in this section of our site. This photo from 1968 (and we haven’t a clue who the two cars or drivers may be) is pure dynamite, providing a vivid explanation point on how Firebird got its start. As the old catch phrase acknowledges, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In our opinion, this one is pure bliss.