We want to say thanks to Doug Wikfors for digging up this winner’s circle shot from the first Division 6 Bracket Team Finals. Staged back in 1978 at what was then called Seattle Int’l Raceway in Kent, Wash., you are looking at the first Division 6 Super Pro champion…Team Firebird racer Dallas Isom who swept top honors with his “Old Smokey” Barracuda. Some of you old timers will recognize a few of the people (mostly racers) in this photo, which includes (left to right): Scott New, Craig Stradley, Jerry Nellis, Doug (kneeling), Brad New, age-11, NHRA Division 6 Director (and former Funny Car driver) Frank Hall, Isom, Bill New, Kerry Pagenkopf, Mike Hiatt, Danny Soran, Dave Goff, Harley Noe and Stan Soran. It will be fun returning to the place it all began…for the “Battle in Seattle” over Labor Day weekend.